“You may see that your best ending is somewhere in there, that you were finished before you thought you were.”

It’s not just that classes are about to start and I feel like I have at least two full-time jobs, between work and new-house stuff.

My initial model for blogs was “newspaper” or maybe “newspaper columnist,” with a side order of personal journal.  One just keeps writing, because there is always new news, different people seeking advice, new events one needs to process.  But I think I was wrong about that model.  Some blogs, including mine, are books.  They come to an end.  To continue writing past the end is to repeat oneself.  That’s what I’m doing.  My real conclusion is probably back a few pages.

Some books have sequels, so I won’t say I’ll never be back.  And you’ll probably see me in other people’s comments threads, from time to time.  But I am going to be taking a break, possibly a permanent one.

So, writing group members and other readers, fare you well.  May your students be bright, your editors insightful, and your administrators efficient.  (Similar good wishes to non-academic readers, though I’m not sure how to phrase such wishes in parallel to the academic version).  Keep calm, and write on.

22 thoughts on “McPhee had it right

  1. Thank you for hosting these lovely writing groups. I have appreciated your wisdom and support, and hope to see you out there on the webs somewhere.

  2. I’ll miss you. Thank you for your wisdom, generosity, and your writing. I hope your new study is a happy place, and that all your projects prosper. I think of your IPM every time I look at one of my ginormous star chamber cases.

  3. I’ll miss you! Thanks for hosting writing groups and talking so much about writing in general. Best of luck with new house stuff!

  4. Well, rats. I wasn’t ready for this book to end… Thank you, Dame E, for your gracious hosting and thoughtful posting, congrats on the new house, and may all your cats be healthy.

  5. I hope that we keep bumping into each other out in the world! (My blog is sort of…I can’t say it…effectively dead? Maybe resurrectable? So I won’t count on your stopping by over there.) Good luck with the new house, start of term, and ongoing projects.

  6. Dame Eleanor, I’m sorry to hear that’s you’re closing up shop and turning off the lights here. I hope that you’ll keep commenting & stopping by, though, even though you (rightfully!) hate the obnoxious Blogger captcha system. I will miss hearing about Sir John and the cats, too.

    1. Oh, you’re definitely on the list of places I’ll drive by. And keeping up with people was one of the things I thought about hard. But somehow anecdotes about Sir John and the cats just aren’t seeming like enough of a point, lately. Also, as the Minions get older, there aren’t nearly as many good cat stories.

  7. Dame Eleanor, I wish you well in your new house. Thank you for your blogging these past years, and the best of good fortunes to you in the future.

  8. Oh, dear. Believe it or not, I’ll miss the cat stories (especially since I lack a feline of my own at the moment), as well as (even more) the reflections on writing (your own and the excellent ones you find). Thank you *very* much for hosting several writing groups (even tho I ended up dropping out this summer); participating has been very helpful to me in getting back to some sense of myself as a researcher and writer (and into some sort of a routine, however routinely interrupted). Best wishes for the new house, the new semester, and for the continued development of the various offshoots of the octopus (I think it was an octopus — anyway, the MMP and its companions).

  9. Do drop by from time to time. My chaotic and unstable life still needs my blog, and my blog still needs thoughtful commentators such as yourself, Dame Eleanor!

    Don’t be a stranger. 🙂

  10. I’ll miss your thoughts, particularly on writing, editing and translating! And thank you for hosting the writing groups. I hope it all works out well with your new house and the other projects you have on the go.

  11. I have very much appreciated your thoughts on writing, and hosting of the writing groups. Fare well.

  12. Oh no, not you, too! (A longer-lived blog I read has also just closed up shop.) I hope to see you around the internet and elsewhere in the future.

    And remember: Behold the radiant forehead!

  13. Dame Eleanor Hull, thank you so very much for hosting this writing group!!! I have joined past other writing groups held by you, and joining in them were great experience to me. Thank you.

    Also I hope everyone in this group will continue to write and think. I wish everyone good luck and hopefully get together again in some other occasion, maybe another on-line writing group or whatever.

  14. Fare thee well, Dame E. I will miss your blog but I hope I will still see you around the internet!

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