McPhee had it right

by Dame Eleanor Hull

“You may see that your best ending is somewhere in there, that you were finished before you thought you were.”

It’s not just that classes are about to start and I feel like I have at least two full-time jobs, between work and new-house stuff.

My initial model for blogs was “newspaper” or maybe “newspaper columnist,” with a side order of personal journal.  One just keeps writing, because there is always new news, different people seeking advice, new events one needs to process.  But I think I was wrong about that model.  Some blogs, including mine, are books.  They come to an end.  To continue writing past the end is to repeat oneself.  That’s what I’m doing.  My real conclusion is probably back a few pages.

Some books have sequels, so I won’t say I’ll never be back.  And you’ll probably see me in other people’s comments threads, from time to time.  But I am going to be taking a break, possibly a permanent one.

So, writing group members and other readers, fare you well.  May your students be bright, your editors insightful, and your administrators efficient.  (Similar good wishes to non-academic readers, though I’m not sure how to phrase such wishes in parallel to the academic version).  Keep calm, and write on.