Something I’d like to say, but won’t

by Dame Eleanor Hull

“You are the head of an administrative unit, not a psychologist, not everyone’s mother.  People in this unit do not need ‘to talk.’  We need assurances that necessary work will be done, whether that means you will go to bat to hire another person for the position or that you personally will pitch in to get it done.  Stop trying to turn a functioning group of professionals into a touchy-feely ‘family’ group.  You are encouraging people to associate women in leadership roles with motherly, nurturing behavior (rather than efficient, rational, fair practices), and thereby making my job harder.  It would be a lot more feminist to set an example of a woman behaving professionally.  If budget cuts mean that there’s no hope of a replacement, then say so.  Discussion of feelings is not going to help anyone.”

I don’t think it would help to say this.  So I won’t.  But this sort of thing makes me very grumpy.