6 thoughts on “What the FUCK

  1. I’m not taking attendance, Comrade. If you want me to take you off the list, I’ll try to remember to do that. I’ve basically just been pasting in the same list and letting people look after themselves.

  2. LOL. I attended university in Arizona while Napolitano was governor. Everyone knows that the California students who fail to get into the UC system go to AZ for college. She is not a public servant, but is self-seeking. Sorry, I just see nothing positive in the legacy that she has left so far in her career.

    1. So who is behind this do you think? I suppose I could find out but I am lazy … what was in their minds … ?

  3. Amen on the “needing to rise from the faculty ranks” business. In fact, I think we’d solve a lot of the current problems in academia if administrators of all ranks were required to be qualified to teach a core or intro course in an actual discipline, and to do so at least once a year (no “higher education” grad classes, and no loosely-themed freshman seminars, at least not as a main teaching duty). It would also help if the majority of them firmly expected to return to the faculty ranks at some point (this would require some adjustment in relative pay scales, but that wouldn’t be a bad idea, either; I get the 9- vs. 12-month distinction — well, give or take the fact that most faculty work during the summer on things clearly necessary to doing and/or retaining their jobs — but the difference is way, way more than can be explained by that.

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