This summer is about to get a lot more complicated.

It should all be worth it.

It’s not like I didn’t have enough to do already.

But better now than last year.  Or next.

Should I stick with orange in my study ( or try out a new color?


5 thoughts on “Living in interesting times

  1. Is there a reason to change it? It looks happy. (And the picture looks more apricot than orange.) Do you like it? Or do you find it too strong? If you like it, I wouldn’t change it. Painting a study usually involves moving lots of books, which is never fun.

  2. Studies are good places for strong colors, I think, because a good deal of the wall is covered by books. And if you have lots of Penguin paperbacks of a certain era, orange will match.

    I’d say if you’re enjoying it, stick with it, unless the new study (I gather) has significantly different light levels/exposures. In that case, test patches would be in order.

  3. Oh, dear. RELOCATION?? As in packing and moving?! I still haven’t recovered (or unpacked, really) from our last move, four years ago. What’s up, Dame E?

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