The sixteenth-century will I am currently reading is a bad-quality PDF.  So I started hunting through menus to see if there were any tricks I could deploy to make it more legible, and discovered that I could “Activate Read Out Loud.”

Considering that the will is in a secretary hand, and that even though I have considerable experience with such hands, I keep having to tell myself, “no, no, that’s not ‘hippopotamus,’ try again—d, now there’s an abbreviation on the first p,” I really wonder what would happen if I did Activate that function.  Sir John is still asleep or I would try it.

I expect it would either give the program a nervous breakdown or result in “spam” readings—like “the hippopotamus lying in the piff of faint John Baptist”—since it probably couldn’t cope with the abbreviation for “parish,” or the long S.

Here is some of my blog spam:

Good Blog You Got Here.
It is appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy.
je trouve ton blog vraiment sympa.

Very encouraging, isn’t it?  Spam is sometimes like reading a horoscope, providing a silly little lift to the spirits.

One thought on “What would happen . . .?

  1. Too bad you can’t put a PDF under a UV lamp….when I get those, I try to figure out what I can, and fill in the gaps slowly.
    You could post it and crowdsource the reading.

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