Finally I have got down to the good bit of that inquisition post mortem (nearly 70 lines in, and who’s counting? I am), about the people I wanted to know about, and the girls are already married.  I wanted to know who held a particular wardship.*

It doesn’t matter for the actual argument; nothing really hinges on this.  But for the big picture, it would have been very useful.

And I just wanted to know, because I’m maybe just a teeny-weeny bit obsessive about details.

*For Comrade PhysioProf and any other non-specialist readers: when gentry or noble parents (or other guardians) of underage children died, said children needed to be the wards of someone who would take responsibility for arranging their marriages.  Wardships could be quite lucrative, because you got to administer the heir’s lands until she/he/they were old enough to marry, among other details.

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  1. I completely understand, having spent too much time tracking down people in the Old Bailey proceedings and then onto various genealogical sites attempting to flesh out the details of their lives. But at least my current sources are all in 17th or 18th century print unlike yours!

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