I’ve finished a rough draft of Chunk 2 of translation (I think I will have 7 chunks altogether).

There are 9 lines of the IPM to go.

I didn’t do any work on Easter, as family obligations took over that day, but apart from that I have done at least 50 lines of translation and 3 lines of transcription each day.  At this rate, I’ll be done with the transcription two days early, and the translation is 5 days early.  Let the polishing commence!

4 thoughts on “Challenge update, day 15

  1. Transcription is reading 16th-c handwriting and typing out what it says, in the original language. Translation is rendering meaning from one language into another. Transcribing the IPM is MMP-1 related. The translation is part of a big long team project. I have too many research projects. I always swear I’m going to cut back, and then I have another idea, or another opportunity comes along, or something turns into an octopus . . . I swear I’m going to retire early so I can get some actual swyving work done.

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