Eleven days in, and all’s well: up to line 54 of the IPM, and through 680 lines of translation.

I like this notion of the challenge.  It’s very similar to Jonathan’s “Seinfeld Chain,” but it has a built-in expiration date.  The chain idea may be better for people who like to compete against themselves—“how long can I go this time?” while the challenge may work better for people who aren’t sure of their stamina—“Just for today, I will [or won’t] do X.”  Just for ten days, twenty days, whatever.

You can pick a period of time because it means something (so many weeks or days to a significant date, like an academic break, new year, or birthday).  Or you can take a project and work out how long it will take to complete if you do so much per day, which is what I did this time.  It was serendipity that both the IPM and a standard-sized chunk of translation needed the same number of days.  In some sense, this is two challenges, running simultaneously.

It’s creating a virtuous cycle.  I like doing the work because I like seeing it add up.  The progress is incremental, yet quick enough that I can see results.  The more I do, the more motivation I find to continue, and the more manageable the daily task seems.


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