Updated: Jodi has a post up now, here:


Cold-hearted Scientist is posting her achievements at her own blog, and inviting others to chime in, here: https://profacero.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/writing-group-week-10/.

You can find your last week’s goals in the comments here: http://acaderanged.blogspot.com/2013/03/writing-group-week-9.html

The theme remains happiness as a writer; I would say, if that seems too much to ask, then think about comfort or contentment.  Maybe you could make your desk more inviting, or associate writing with something pleasurable, even something as simple as a good cup of coffee or tea in a mug of your favorite color.  Try one small change in the direction of pleasure, and see what happens.


3 thoughts on “Writing Group, week 10?

  1. Oh goodness, I just realised! Thanks so much for picking up the reins! I basically sorted out cover for all my teaching duties on Thursday morning, went to bed, and really only just got up again. Completely forgot writing group 😦

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