March first!  Meteorological spring, although of course astronomical spring is still a good ways off.  But by some standards, we can say winter’s over.

Of course, it’s still snowing.  And I am still snowed under with stuff I have to do that I don’t especially want to work on.  But it is no longer February.

6 thoughts on “At least that‘s over

  1. holy hell — I hate February. Good riddance, February! Hellllllloooooo, March! Yes, it’s snowing, but there’s hope on the horizon.

    1. Meteorologists—weather people, and it is an academic discipline—count “spring” as “March, April, May,” and I’ll let you gentlemen figure out the rest of the calendar yourselves.

    1. This is why Mardi Gras is in February. We got beautiful, cold sun, though, for March 1 and the turtles are nesting; midday has a hint of warmth. High in New Orleans 50 today…

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