Great lines from spam comments:

  • I’ve learned to use a teabag.
  • I have tried it, and brownies.
  • I say to you, I definitely get irked.
  • Inspiring quest there. What happened after?
  • I was told I had problems sleeping.
  • Be sure to eat something before you leave.

And my responses:

  1. Congratulations!  Much less messy than loose tea, and easier in the office.
  2. I expect brownies are better; stick with them.  (Wait, did you mean for housekeeping, or the cookie bar?  I think my response probably applies to either, actually.)
  3. Oh, me too, me too.   I try not to say it too often, though.
  4. They lived happily ever after, of course.
  5. I think you’d know about it before anyone else.
  6. Good advice; keep your blood sugar from crashing if there’s a long line to be seated.


2 thoughts on “The joy of spam

  1. As a grad student, I briefly had a housemate from a very wealthy family in a distant country who had to be taught to use a tea-bag. It was an interesting experience!

  2. You get better spam than I do.

    Jane, I recently had a short term renter in 40s who had to be taught to use washing machine. Her mother does her laundry otherwise. She is major architect. Also, many of my colleagues first saw a kitchen upon arrival in US. In home countries men would not go in there, even a glass of water would be brought by someone else, and these are middle class types not rich types.

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