Via nicoleandmaggie, I got here, and read this:

“You didn’t get ideas.  You smelled them out, tracked them down, wrestled them into submission; you pursued them with forks and hope, and if you were lucky enough to catch one you impaled it, with the forks, before the sneaky little devil could get away.”  From Naked Once More, by Elizabeth Peters.

I’ve read quite a lot by Elizabeth Peters (and her alter ego, Barbara Michaels), but not the Jacqueline Kirby series.  Clearly I must address this deficit.  The boojum sounds related to my octopoi.




3 thoughts on “Hunting the snark

  1. You are in luck! The Jacqueline Kirby series is my absolute FAVORITE of all of her work. It will be yours too. Even moreso than Amelia Peabody.

    AND The Murders of King Richard III is especially timely right now! One of my history professors in college suggested I read it before starting his class (I asked if there were any fiction he recommended to get me in the mood). And I was hooked (on both the author and on the class).

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