Handling things

I suppose I should show up and wish everybody a happy new year.  So, happy new year from the sulky iguana who is mainly going to be trying to Suck Less ™ for the next two months.

But here’s a piece of advice for dealing with sulks, procrastination, or trouble getting back to work after the holidays: just touch whatever it is.  Literally, handle it.  If you have a folder full of drafts or whatever, get it out, open it up, leave it on your desk.  If it’s writing thank you notes, get out the stationery and address an envelope.  Take the stack of papers to grade and sort them by topic, or by strength of first paragraph.  Anything, just so you have handled The Thing.

This shrinks it down into its proper perspective, no longer a looming Thing but an item that fits on your desk or into a finite amount of time.

After the initial touching, you are allowed to walk away.  Get coffee, eat chocolate, get the cats to chase the Laser Mouse, or whatever.  Come back in a little while and read the top paper, or write “Dear Aunt Maud,” or write down one thing you can do for the unfinished draft.

Rinse and repeat, if necessary (the cats may be well-exercised at the beginning of this process), but sooner or later, you’ll get some momentum going and all will be well.  Or at least, it will all Suck Less.