And what a term it has been.  It is now time to celebrate our accomplishments, whether getting up at 6:00 a.m. or reclaiming a professional self, from 2500 GOOD words to Writerly Glow, from attending conferences to simply (ruthlessly) leaving campus in order to write, uninterrupted, elsewhere.

Here are the Main Goals for this 15-week session, for those who have attended regularly.  How did you do?  Award yourself a prize (or nominate someone else for one), and have a drink!  I’m offering caipirinhas, Mexican hot chocolate (can be made with soymilk for those with dairy intolerance; with or without alcholic additives, as you like), and Irish coffee for those who are still grading and need to be both alert and a bit numb.  I’m sure other party-goers will turn up with contributions in the comments!

Amstr: finish dissertation.  Another Postdoc: complete a book proposal and make a working outline.  Bavardess: finish article, finish draft of PhD proposal.  cly: finish fifth chapter of book. Contingent Cassandra: finish J article; continue P project; plan/schedule additional P sub-projects; continue freelance work.  Dame Eleanor Hull: Finish and submit MMP.  Dr. Virago: write 2500-word article and revise double book review into a review essay.  Elizabeth Anne Mitchell: plan, research and write first draft of new article.  emmawriting: 1. Three grant proposals: one in LOI form, one simple one in draft form, and one full proposal. 2. One article fully drafted. 3. Data collected for two main studies plus 3 minor ones.  4. Have baby!

GEW: write 20-25 pages of chapter 5 of my dissertation.  highly eccentric: keep writing new(ish) medieval academic content.  historisusan (ProfessorSusan): write an essay for one of those Oxford handbook thingies.  humming42: finish chapter 2 of the book manuscript.  JaneB: a) complete and submit a paper with multiple co-authors, b) complete and submit a substantial second paper from a different project, and c) write and submit a grant application for December 1st.  JLiedl: complete my own chapter for an edited collection, write a keynote and turn a conference paper into an article.  John Spence: prepare a short edition of a medieval text.  kiwi2: To submit two papers (Paper X and Paper Y) and complete my part of the analysis on Paper Z.

kiwimedievalist: Give articles a break, and work on novel idea which has been floating for years.  luolin88: 1. submit article that still needs revisions; 2. submit article that just needs proofreading and re-formatting; 3. write MLA paper.
Matilda:  conference paper (November) / a journal article based on the paper.  meansomething:  1) 10,000 words on a lyric essay; 2) a complete draft of a poetic sequence.  Metheist: finish my dissertation.  Notorious Ph.D.: transform a conference paper I gave last January into an article MS.  nwgirl:  revise four chapters of my book manuscript.  Pika: Large proposal (P1) due mid-October, small proposal (P2) due mid-December. Pilgrim/Heretic:  30,000 words written towards a book draft.  Premodern: new book chapter.

rented life: Move fiction book project forward and figure out my idenity as a writer. Salimata: turn conference paper into a ready-to-submit article.  Sapience:  job market materials and applications, review article.  sophylou: rework article for submission.  tracynicholrose: 1. Finalize and submit P&P paper; 2. Turn LM paper into HM presentation; 3. Complete first draft of TS paper; 4. Complete analysis and write up findings for BE paper.  Trapped in Canadia: write two chapters of my dissertation.  Undine (Not of General Interest): finish two chapters of the book manuscript.  What Now?: draft first chapter.  Widgeon: turn a conference paper into a book chapter.  Z (Mictlantecuhtli/Profacero): Keep to semester’s research schedule.

A few prizes just to get us going:  Z, most inspiring, for freeing her writing from prisoner-of-war status.  Pilgrim/Heretic, brightest glow, and Dr Virago for best bardic reference.  emmawriting, newest baby.  John Spence, bravest man (or maybe Most Like Sir John, a very high compliment from me) for hanging out all term with all us chicks.  Elizabeth Anne Mitchell, best fairy-tale image for writing.

And finally, remember the next writing group, to be run by JaneB and Trapped in Canadia, will be found here:

It’s been great.  I enjoyed hosting you all; I hope the group was helpful to you.  I look forward to seeing you around the internets and in future writing groups.

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    1. Also horrid when they show up in the midst of the madness of closing out the semester, and I don’t feel like dealing with them.

  1. I won a prize? I never win a prize! I’ll take it!

    It’s been a good experience participating. Thank you for making me welcome. I’ve not been able to comment much on others’ progress but the support and accountability the group’s provided has helped me achieve a lot since September.

    This week I’ve not made any headway on my writing goals at all but that’s because I had to prioritise some other urgent stuff. I can get stuck in again to working on my writing now.

    As for my overall goal, I had to effectively drop that when my book proofs came back, but it will be the goal for the spring and I hope to meet it this time! I’m hoping to participate in the next writing group as well and hope it will be as productive as this has been.

    Thank you again Dame Eleanor for hosting. It looked like a lot of work and you did it anyway! I have to nominate you for a Largest Writing Group Spreadsheet prize for that even if others do as well.


    Ahem. Actually, not much writerly radiance going on around here. I keep writing stuff for the review essay and then throwing it completely out! D’oh!

    But never mind that. The semester is almost over — I have one (small) class’s final projects and a set of MA and Honors projects to grade (they get comments and thus take more time) and then I’m done. Yippee!!!

    Oh, and the copy of the big literary anthology that I co-edited this semester (on top of my modest writing goals here) arrived in the mail this week and it is bee-yoo-ti-ful!

    And congrats to everyone in the group for all of your successes, and even for the struggle. Because writing is hard, dammit. So SIDECARS FOR EVERYONE! Since Flavia’s not here, mine will have to do.

    Thanks so much for hosting us, Dame E. Like John, I haven’t been able to interact with the others as much as I would have liked (it’s been a helluva a semester), but I really needed the accountability of checking in and making sure I had *something* to report.

    Now, a toast to Dame E! Cheers!

  3. *raises glass to Dame Eleanor* My real-life friends are probably sick of hearing me go on and on about how great this group has been, because I talk about it ALL THE TIME. I have been inspired and motivated and encouraged and entertained by you all, and I’m so grateful for that.

    In fact I’ve been meaning to write a post about the particular things I’ve learned this semester from the group – there are lots of ideas that have stuck in my head in helpful and productive ways, and I’d like to acknowledge them properly – right now I remember the ideas but not the people they came from.

    It’s also impressive to look back and see how much everyone got done this semester! No, not everyone did every single thing they set out to do, but we all moved Forward, and probably much more so than if we hadn’t had each other. (Am I getting too maudlin? I love you guys!)

    Thanks to all, especially to DEH for hosting, and I’m looking forward to keeping up the glow with Jane B and Trapped in Canadia. Happy holidays!

    1. Pilgrim/Heretic, I’d second the comments about being motivated and encouraged by others’ progress reports.

      I also agree with you about the reflection topics – some I didn’t get the chance to give much thought to at the time, but I’d like to come back to.

    2. I did find others’ progress inspiring, but just as good, for me, was seeing others come, confess that they’d been OBE, and get back in the saddle for the next week. No one threw in the towel (mixed metaphors, anyone?) on the premise that a couple of crummy weeks meant there was no reason to go on. Everyone went on. (I can’t go on, I’ll go on.)

      1. Oh, that’s SO true. The whole group was so encouraging about supporting any progress, however small. I also thought it was interesting that nearly all of us set goals that seemed reasonable but often turned out to be out of reach, in the face of illness, students, grading, and all the other usual (and unusual) worldly obstacles. But it’s important to recognize what did work, and keep on.

        You know, this also makes me realize that the weekly goals of the writing group had that same feeling that I like about the semester – you get a fresh start every time. If I did make my goal, I could celebrate; if not, I’d start fresh every week with a new opportunity to do it right.

  4. My semester has been over for a week, but I’ve been dealing with student emails about their grades. Evidently students can’t see the adjusted grade until grades are released, so they just see the horrible 59, 69, 79, 89 grades and are freaking out. Sigh.

    So, I’m drinking Manhattans tonight to celebrate my week of freedom. It’s been lovely! I’ve reorganized and regrouped and started working on the dissertation again. I’ve revised the syllabi a bit, but mostly I’m just trying to get into the habit of dissertating (that’s a word, right?) every day. That’s where I went wrong this semester and I don’t want to fall into the same trap next semester.

    Thanks for hosting, DEH, and I’m looking forward to co-hosting the new writing group after just a few short weeks of rest!

    1. Dissertating is not only a word, it’s a well-established one (at least it was around when I was in grad school, and that’s a while ago now).

      Thank you for co-hosting the spring. See you over there!

  5. Wow, a prize! My goal for 2013 is not to stand on this laurel but to move on ahead.

    My drink is Bordeaux bottled at the chateau, in the Gironde. It was bought at a shop in Figeac, by my exchange student who is winging her way back to Figeac as we speak.

    I rescued my writing from prisoner of war status due to the writing group. Of course I joined because I thought I could do it, but it was having joined that made it possible.

    A great experience, and thank you DEH!

  6. *Also raising a glass to Dame Eleanor.* Thanks for hosting this writing group. It really made a difference: as the week would progress, I’d think about needing to post here and just get at the writing. LIke Pilgrim/Heretic, I talked about the group until Spouse would ask about it. Now it’s more of a habit–thanks, Dame Eleanor!

  7. Party on, I say! Great gratitude to Dame Eleanor for being an ever hospitable and encouraging host. I have drawn great inspiration from the group throughout these 15 weeks. I didn’t meet my goal this term, but had something surprising and truly good come of my strange dance with the manuscript. Only parts of this project will come forward with me into the new year. This morning I said goodbye to my dissertation topic, realizing I have written enough about it. A little anxious, but quite excited to reconfigure my research and writing life in somewhat new directions. I raise my mug of coffee in a warm salute.

      1. I can hardly wait to finish grading so I can get started organizing. The dissertation looked at one example of a social practice, and there’s not much written about that practice as longstanding behaviors are changing due to changes in our mediated lives.

  8. Thank you Dame Eleanor, for hosting this – I’m raising a glass of Italian red wine to you! Through motivation here I’ve accomplished more that I thought I would, and am really glad to have taken part. Thank you again and also to everyone who participated!

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  10. What a wonderful writing group. Thank you Dame Eleanor for hosting. The camaraderie of the group, not to mention the pearls of occasional wisdom, were a great support in Moving Forward. Sharing the journey together has been positive, amusing, warming, . .
    So, even though I didn’t achieve all my goals, I did progress. Slowly. Reminds me of one of our science jokes here: “Amble, everyone, amble! The Great New Zealand Snail is coming!” This week, I felt more centred, I made some progress. My goals remain unfulfilled for the next writing group and I’m looking forward to continuing the challenge.
    Meantime, drinking limejuice on a swelteringly hot day!

  11. The group helped me keep thinking about my writing, so that even when the weeks when I didn’t write I was committed to getting back on track, rather than giving up.

    Thank you Dame Eleanor, for hosting.

    My goal for the semester was:
    1. submit article that still needs revisions
    2. submit article that just needs proofreading and re-formatting
    3. write MLA paper

    I submitted the paper that needed revisions today. Well, yesterday-it’s after midnight here. I am so happy about getting it out that I can hardly hear the inner critic pointing out I didn’t meet my other two goals. (I made the mistake of listing the work I *should* get done rather than setting a more realistic goal.)

    This semester has been a such a mess that I’m glad I can at least look back and remember that I got the paper in.

  12. This has indeed been a wonderful writing group; many thanks to you, Dame Eleanor, for hosting us, and thanks also to the folks who commented on other folks’ progress reports. It’s been a supportive community, and knowing that I had to report here each weekend kept me working.

    My goal was to finish a draft of Ch. 1, and I have pretty much done that! I’m still adding and polishing and tweaking, but I’m handing the whole thing over to three readers on Wednesday and will then try not to think about it over winter break. At the beginning of last week I freaked out about this Wednesday deadline, but by this point I’m actually feeling pretty good about the state of the chapter.

    Thanks again, and wishing you all a good end of the year and a happy new year!

  13. Thanks from me as well. There was lots of inspiration available here, and it was enormously helpful. The conference paper, it turns out, is not a book chapter but an article. This group helped me figure that out. And although the last two weeks I’ve lost momentum due to grading hell, I have learned some new organizational skills that will allow me to research while teaching in the months ahead. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and break. I will miss you all.

  14. Thank you for hosting, DEH. It has been a productive semester even though I did not achieve everything I had on my list. Revising four chapters was an ambitious goal. While I made it through two, those two were probably the most challenging. The momentum, I hope, will carry me through spring semester.

    I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie and the accountability. I hope everyone has a good holiday break.

    1. Congrats on getting the hard stuff out of the way. I hope you can coast through spring semester (not because you’re not working, but because the work is easier).

  15. Wow, a prize! I raise my Irish coffee to you, Dame Eleanor, and thank you for the prize.

    My goal was to plan, research, and write the first draft of a new article.

    Accomplished: YES! and as my topic bifurcated into article O and article M, I have finished with the first drafts of TWO articles.

    I know I would not have done it without this group. There were many weeks I forced myself to work on Saturday and Sunday so as to avoid admitting failure.

    The camaraderie of the group helped me combat the loneliness of a new job, and get through my brother’s health scare. I appreciate all of your thoughts, and want to share further good news. I got an email on Friday that his oncologist has found no malignancies in his latest biopsies.

    The topics were always thought-provoking, and will provide fodder for many blog posts in the new year. Like many of you, I talked constantly about this group to anyone who would listen (and many who tried not to).

    I hope everyone has a good break, and I look forward to seeing everyone again at the Spring group. Cinderella and I have a date.

  16. *Taking Dame Eleanor up on her offer of caipirinhas, adding a liberal amount of Leblon Cachaça, and raising my glass to her and the group* As someone who does research in Brazil I appreciate the offering of this drink!

    This writing group was wonderful and many thanks to Dame Eleanor. Also, many thanks to the rest of the group who posted, commented, and shared their thoughts, strategies, practices, and struggles. This type of group has been exactly what I needed.

    My goal was to write a book proposal and make an outline of the book. Instead I wrote what the spirit moved me to write and completed an article, which I submitted to a journal about a month ago. Additionally, I wrote a short essay for a popular online journal. I also went to two conferences. I feel like I got stuff done and, more importantly, I moved my projects FORWARD as Dame E suggests.

    Happy Holidays to everyone! Saude! (Cheers!)

    1. That sounds wonderful. I’m going to try to remember what you said about writing what the spirit moved you to the next time I am stuck with a project I can’t seem to move forward, but won’t let go of.

  17. It’s quite chilly here today, so I will take some of your Mexican hot chocolate and mix it with coffee, the way they used to make mocha lattes at the Pannikin in San Diego. Ahhhh.

    Goals: 1) 10,000 words on a lyric essay; 2) a complete draft of a poetic sequence.

    Accomplished: 1) 6770 words on lyric essay (and stopped to rethink); 2) a complete draft of a sequence of 12 poems.

    This may have been my most productive semester for creative work ever, including some semesters I spent on good fellowships. Keeping the work in front of me every week, even bad weeks (or, as Z says, “touching work” every day), has made a tremendous difference. And what’s made me keep the work in front of me? This group.

    Thank you, Dame Eleanor, and thank you, my fellow writers! I raise my mug in salute. Hope to see you all again very soon.

    1. Oh! And I almost forgot! I had a poem accepted this week by a magazine I’ve been trying to crack for years. It was written before this fall–although, come to think of it, I did revise it fairly substantially during this writing group–but either way, I feel perfectly justified in regarding this as a pat on the head from the universe.

  18. My primary goal was to finish my dissertation. I did not finish it, but I am actually OK. It has been hard adjusting to a 4/4 load, health issues, and other stuff. Despite not writing any substantive pages, I have had several mental breakthroughs by being a part of this group. Accepting where I am, not being so harsh on myself, setting a schedule and sticking to it, and taking time for my own work. I am finalizing my schedule for the next few months and have an achievable goal of defending before March.
    Thanks for everything and good luck to all 🙂

    1. A schedule—and being ruthless about sticking to it—makes all the difference. And definitely accept where you are. It’s no good trying to work like someone with a 2/1 when you’re on a 4/4.

    2. It sounds like you’ve got some of those great habits ready to go. Congrats on being so close to your defense. You’re closer than you’ve ever been before! 🙂

  19. OK, where am I at, aside from having just finished grading ALL THE THINGS?
    I’ve not given enough time to research this week, because my strategy for grading is long breaks doing anything I want in between batches of papers or exams, and what I want is usually fun reading of some kind or else exercise or cooking. The thing about research is that once I start I don’t want to do anything else for the rest of the day. I’ve given up on grading efficiently and just want to get it done by the deadline without wanting to goudge my own eyes out.
    Anyway, my main goal was to finish and submit the MMP, which I have not achieved. Count me with the people whose projects have changed shape. At the very end of the summer, I figured out something that had significant implications for the essay I have been trying to finish for so long. I needed to do more research, and make considerable revisions to what I had done, and re-outline the whole mess. I’m still trying to figure out how many pieces there will be, but I could have as many as three articles here. I do think it’s related articles, not a book, and it’ll probably be easier to place articles; but when I go up for Full, eventually, I will be making a case for this set of essays as a book-equivalent, I expect.
    Besides the work on the MMP, I also revised and sent off a fellowship application for a completely different book project, and realized that a review I wrote last year has the germ of yet another article. I have ideas enough for someone on a 2/1, despite my 3/2 plus commute interfering with execution. And I did get an acceptance for the MMP’s original companion-piece, written before the next round of spin-offs occurred to me.
    I have done fairly well with scheduling and ruthless dedication to research this fall, and I am pleased about that. I award myself the Antonia Fraser Prize for Selfishness (, since I kept leaving campus to write Elsewhere and telling people, “No, I can’t meet then, how about Friday?” I think I have achieved either a permanent shift or at least a temporary balance in how I think about research and teaching: that of course I am going to be doing research, and that it is equally important to teaching. I think I have tended to feel that I’m not allowed to make it equally important (even though they are weighted equally in evaluations) because I like it so much. Where did I get that Puritan hangover from? Anyway, I gave that outlook the boot, and am much happier in consequence.
    Bottom line: I Moved Forward.

    1. Congrats on moving forward, and thanks again for hosting. The mental shift seems seismic in it’s possible effects on your research.

    2. Moving Forward is what it’s all about. I’m still working on developing the ruthless dedication – that’s a big accomplishment! Sounds like you’ve done a lot of seed-planting for things that will blossom down the road.

    3. Thanks again DEH!

      On keeping writing dates with oneself: I have learned this semester that one should not say one has these. If anyone finds out it is a date with yourself for writing they will say that is not a legitimate excuse.

      On ruthless schedules: making a schedule and sticking to it really does solve 90% of problems. Not the other 10%, but 90%.

    4. Hurrah for your “mindful inflexibility” with writing times, and your actually flexibility with your project.

      Thank you!

  20. Semester Goal: dissertation draft.
    Accomplished: I’m so almost there! I have two thirds of my final chapter left to draft. It’s primarily a synthesis chapter, so though I have a lot of research to do, the writing has been pretty easy so far. I’m aiming to send what I’ve got (whatever it is–hopefully complete enough) to my advisor on Friday. Then I will have sent all of my chapters to him. The prospect of a February defense is seeming more and more hopeful.

    I’m looking forward to a real break over the holidays (it’s been a long time since holidays seemed like a break), and I hope to see you all over at Trapped and JaneB’s group in January! Cheers!

  21. Oh, and I forgot to add my big-picture check-in. My initial goal was to get in a writing groove and to hit 30,000 words on the book draft. I most definitely got in the writing groove, thanks largely to y’all, and I am currently at 31,164 words in the draft. ROAR!

  22. Late checking in because I kinda don’t feel like I met my goal. I’m really close, but so sick of this article and so, so, so ready to start something new that it’s a real chore to make myself do the last round of cutting it down. 😦 There’s also been a lot of drama and uncertainty and rumors at work in the last month or so which have been all kinds of distracting/draining (shouldn’t go into details) and do mean that I need to think about my marketability… which in some ways works against my working on this kind of writing.

    A friend of mine has agreed to read the article (for the third time! she’s a good friend), so I have some more concrete accountability. But I want to use Trapped and JaneB’s group to start on something NEW! — I hope/think I’ll do better with something I really *want* to be working on.

      1. Thanks, DEH. I’m working on the article RIGHT NOW. My mental image of it is that it is a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and I am Linus wrapping a blanket around its base and saying “It just needs a little love.”

        And yes, I do love the semester pattern, where you get a fresh new one every few months. One thing I’ve appreciated about this group is the pick-ourselves-up-and-keep-going theme. With this kind of writing, keeping going really is the important thing, isn’t it? I appreciate your hosting it, and keeping that perseverance alive for us.

  23. Thank you for hosting DEH!! Cheers all around!

    I moved my project forward some, still trying to figure out that identity as a writer thing, but I DO know the kind of writer I didn’t want to be after turning down a gloriously unpaid writing gig with some people who, well had a different ethical system than me. Ah well.

    New goal-having courage to write even though I don’t know where it’ll lead me. 😛

      1. ha! I found that exact article as I was reseaching the company more. The company ALSO wanted me to ask others to write (and I would edit), for free. And I thought “yeah, I don’t know anyone who would write for free.”

  24. Late check-in, as I’m still working on grading Most of the Things (while working on a pint of ice cream — more comfort than celebratory).

    Semester goal: finish J article; continue P project; plan/schedule additional P sub-projects; continue freelance work.

    Accomplished: very little progress on J article, though I did stay in touch, largely thanks to the group; some work on several aspects of the P project (including reconnecting with the digital sub-project during a very helpful workshop last week, which also provided a nice break from grading et al.); continued freelance work.

    Analysis: Juggling has not been easy, and I’m not happy at all that the J article has remained on the back burner, since I think it’s important and relevant to some current academic and cultural conversations and so should be published sooner rather than later. Front-burnering it will be a major goal for the winter/spring (probably at the cost of back-burnering the P project until summer — but writing a proposal for some funding first). I also need to continue the freelance work (and take care of some other financial housekeeping over the break). In short, the juggling is likely to continue for a while. Once I get the grading in, and collapse for a while (but only a short while, since there’s another freelance assignment to complete and the MLA to attend), I need to work out a better approach to the juggling.

    Thank you for hosting, Dame E. While I’ve got less to show for the semester than I would like, at least I’ve had to actively think about what I’m doing, and why, each week, and that has been a major help, both in keeping in some kind of touch with oft-neglected projects, and in reminding myself that I am writing on a regular basis, even if it’s not always exactly what I’d most like to be writing.

    1. It sounds like you’ve been able to consider your options and make choices (even if they’re not the ones you really want to make), rather than letting the semester drive right over you. A big accomplishment, I’d say!

  25. The Baby and I thank you very much for our prize! How wonderful. Thank you times millions, Dame Elizabeth, for all the work that went into hosting us this term, and for the other writers for encouraging me with responses or simply your own progress and work. I am so grateful for having found this writing group and I am looking forward to making the next term more focused on scholastic, rather than biological, production!

    it’s nice to look back on my old goals– most of them happened, though one grant proposal and one data collection met the knife of de-prioritization. I did submit one article (though it was rejected; revision: project for next month!), my LOI was accepted (full grant proposal: another project for next term!), and both self and baby are still alive after almost two months which I will happily claim as an accomplishment.

    Right now I’m working on being un-stressed and enjoying the holidays, as next term will be pretty frantic, and I can’t wait for the next instantiation of the writing group! (Well, um, I can wait a few weeks, yes.) Thanks again.

  26. I know it’s awful to be flaky on the last post, but I’m hoping this will be open tomorrow. I want a chance to read and comment on the other posts (and give my final update), but I can’t do it right now. I’ll be back in the morning, and I hope to chime in then.

    1. I know I’m very late to the party, but I wanted to say more anyway. Although I didn’t get 20-25 pages written, I think I have about 10-15, and I have figured out what seems to be the best theoretical approach to the project as a whole. I hope to write at least 7-10 more during Christmas break while we are traveling.

      Everyone here is so inspirational and helpful to me, especially those of you who are also working on a PhD. I hope some of you will be continuing on in the winter group.

      And I want to give a special thanks DEH for being our fabulous host!

  27. Being flaky too. Done a lot of that. I’m bringing a delicious squash-and-chestnut lasagne and a giant plate of sugar cookies to the virtual party, rather than alcohol, since eating my feelings is far more social than drinking enough to become loudly self-pitying! 🙂

    I did not achieve any of my goals. I DID however make progress on the first one, do some extra teaching worth about a third of a module (due to the person ‘to be appointed’ who was scheduled to team teach with me not actually starting until February 2013), get sick several times failing to make any of the three conference travel things I had scheduled, and read draft after draft of MScF’s writings. And apply for a job which required writing all new materials, but not get an interview. Oh, and do NaNoWriMo, which was writing, but the antithesis of work.

    Hence lasagne. Sugar cookies. Virtually, so I don’t spread my germs.

    And thank you all for being here to listen to the weekly miseries, and keeping me in touch with the writing every week. Hoping for a better round next group, especially as I’ll be co-hosting, so feel my lack of progress will be more public!!

    Thank you Dame E and all you other participants for the company along the way

  28. Sorry for late check-in. I just wanted to express how I have been helped by this writing group and, Dame Eleanor Hull and everyone here, thank you so very much!

    I did my presentation anyway (one of my goal) and started to write a paper based on it (another goal). Unfortunately, the paper is not finished as I expected 15 weeks ago, but I have been writing the draft. I hope I can finish it (at least the first draft) during this winter vacation.

    Thank you again, Dame Eleanor Hull, your and other peoples check-ins and comments encouraged me so greatly during this busy 15 weeks.

    I am looking forward to meeting you all at the new writing group. Thank you for hosting, JaneB and Trapped in Canadia!

  29. Another late check in. With many thanks to Dame Eleanor! I have now finished my grading, and tomorrow will clean my desk, then I will once again become primarily a scholar, who mostly will forget her obligations to colleagues.

    I met none of my initial goals. Partly it was because I realized that the ms. I thought was due in December was not due until next September. So I turned to the major talk I’m giving at another discipline’s meeting in the spring. I actually had some good ideas about that, before the second half of the semester completely derailed me from everything. That was a combination of conferences (running two), serving on search committee, being sick, other administrative obligations, and various people being jerks in ways that screwed with my head a lot.

    But I’m glad I was a member, as it kept me thinking about my project, so when I pick it up in the next few days, I know what it is, and what I’m thinking. I’ve even written the first paragraph of my plenary talk. And while I carried loads of guilt, I also appreciated the accountability. So, with that, when I get home tonight I’ll have a nice glass of wine, and I’ll make my famous orange fruit cake, and maybe watch some TV, knit, or something.

    Thank you Dame Eleanor!!!

  30. Squash and chestnut lasagne? Orange fruit cake? Perhaps we should start a recipe group parallel to the writing group, with weekly themes like “Which dishes energize you the most? What are the best grading snacks? What’s your favorite consolation food when things don’t go well?”

      1. *laughing* OK, I haven’t done anything useful with my blog lately, so if anyone’s really interested, I can do this in the spring to run parallel to the writing group. Dunno if I can come up with 16 weeks’ worth of food themes, but it’s worth a shot!

  31. Dame E, you’ve been a lovely hostess. Though I’m only a lurker, I too have been informed and impressed and inspired by this writing group. Cheers!

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