Sept-Dec Writing Group, Week 15 Check-In

by Dame Eleanor Hull

Wow, that went fast.  I can’t believe this is week 15.  I teach my last classes today.  Then there’s grading, of course, and holiday hoo-ha, and planning for spring, but I am very much looking forward to having at least a few weeks in which I can mostly bury myself in the MMP and the MS-owner’s life.

Whether you’re looking for time to throw yourself into a project, or looking forward to a bit of time off, best wishes for the break.  Come back next week for the party and to reflect on what you’ve done during this group’s lifespan.

Update: the writing group to be run by JaneB and Trapped in Canadia will be found here:

Amstr: Ch. 2 to primary advisor; research + 5000 words on Ch. 4, send to writing partner.
Another Postdoc: read book for book review and take notes; make revisions to online article; begin edited volume chapter.
Bavardess: no check-in.
cly: write every day.
Contingent Cassandra: reconnect a bit with the P project, since I’m headed to a DH workshop related to it in about a week, and need to have some materials ready to experiment with.
Dame Eleanor Hull: 2 hours a day, plus some product goals: a map, a family tree, a timeline, and at least two topic sentences + paragraphs written in the article, or else at least six topic sentences without paragraphs.
Dr. Virago: after cleaning up the 2500 word article, get back to revising that double review into a review essay.
Elizabeth Anne Mitchell: Refine the outline; highlight the missing pieces; plan how to address finishing the article in the following two weeks.
emmawriting: Really, really try to work flexibly and in those 15 minutes, eat-a-snack breaks from baby-caring.
GEW: Work 6-7 a.m., Tuesday and Thursday.
historisusan: read one book.
humming42: Reward myself with daily time with the manuscript.
JaneB: no check-in.
JLiedl: Another 500 words (and road trip to the Tudors with your hostess!).
John Spence: (a) indexing: put page numbers against 20 pages of entries; (b) proof-read two chapters of my book.
kiwi2: analyse half the data for my second paper Paper Y, and submit another peripheral paper.
kiwimedievalist: no check-in.
luolin88: 1) survive it. 2) 30 mins MWF
Matilda: write the main part and finish the introductory part / write 15 minutes a day.
meansomething:  1) 20 minutes on the residency app.; 2) start assembling a complete draft of the poem sequence: print drafts, read, mark up, etc.
metheist: no check-in.
nwgirl: 1 hour per day (total of 6 hours).
Pika: – this week: read and comment on paper of student 1.  – next week: read and comment on paper of student 2.
Pilgrim/Heretic: 2,000 more words.
Premodern: no check-in.
rented life: Write 2500 words, read.
Salimata: resting.
Sapience: final batch of pre-MLA job applications.
sophylou: just read the article, see how it sounds, take notes on those two last items.
tracynicholrose: Submit P&P paper? Rework TS intro.
Trapped in Canadia: Mark 100 finals, turn in final grades, and survive somehow.
Undine (Not of General Interest): 1000 words.
What Now?: Fill in three specific major holes in the draft.
Widgeon: no check-in.
Z (Mictlantecuhtli/Profacero): do finals and touch work every day.