Most immediately, I am looking for (1) the beads I bought in October.

While I’m at it, I would also like to find the following:

2) My grey scarf and gloves, which I had a few days ago.

3) A pair of garnet earrings that I haven’t seen since last spring.

4) The library book on Cervantes that went missing a year ago.

This blogging-the-lost thing has never worked for me before, but what’s the downside?  Well, actually, it sort of worked once when I was missing a pair of earrings, but it took months, I think.  Hardly instant gratification.  And I never did find my beautiful periwinkle-blue glasses case with my reading glasses.  So it’s about time the Gulf of Missing Items coughed up a few of my things.

Um, please.

4 thoughts on “Blogging the lost

  1. My last blogging the lost took about 2 weeks. Sending good “finding things juju” your way.

    1. Rented Life has some powerful juju, people—don’t mess with her! I already have the scarf, hat, and gloves (forgot that I washed them last weekend when it was warm; they were on the drying rack in the basement) and just now found the beads, stashed in an empty vase (absent-minded tidying fit?). Awesome. I’d still love to have that pair of earrings back.

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