Appointments, at least, not emergency runs.  There are small favors.  And even good news: the Tiny Cat’s lungs sound good and her kidney shows no signs of ill effects.

Yes, I said kidney.  Along with all her other problems, she has only ever had one functioning kidney; the other is atrophied and useless.  Her brother also has abnormal kidneys and has been on 4 different drugs to assist kidney function since he was two years old.  But since we’ve got his kidney function up to about 24%, we think we’re doing fine there.

However, the Grammarian is showing signs of possibly having some other problems, as well.  And so, next week he gets to go to the specialty vet for a cardiac ultrasound.

If we were different kinds of people, we might put our vet bill money toward a boat, or finishing the other half of the basement, or a country club membership.  Or horses!  But no; our expensive hobby is sickly cats.  Oh well.  Everybody needs a hobby, right?

7 thoughts on “More vet appointments

  1. Oh, sweet kitties. There seems a lot of this going around–my parents’ beloved elderly cat, and my college roommate’s, are also having lots of emergency vet visits this week. Thinking good thoughts for you & yours.

  2. Our two cats are young but our two dogs are entering serious old age. I expect we’ll be ramping up their vet visits soon but, yes, they are our hobbies! Good luck with your cats and getting their health to some stability.

  3. We and our last cat were fortunate that she just dropped dead suddenly of heart failure. She was such a drama queen, so she did it at 4AM the morning after PhysioWife and I had been out late for a lavish Valentine’s Day dinner. We were awoken by a weird moan-groan, and then she just keeled over.

  4. Two words: Liver Shunt. Truly, the veterinary profession can do amazing things these days, and I’m very, very grateful. The Liver Shunt chapter of our hobby took us 6 months to pay off, but Pepé Le Pew is thriving now, sleeping happily on Mr. Fan’s face, chasing Skinny Girl, etc., so it was worth it. (By the way, I love the idea of having online pseudonyms for one’s cats! And yes, I’m a Woman, but I’m afraid I can only aspire to the Excellent part…)

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