This week’s check-in is now closed.  Thanks to Pika for explaining the probable cause of the time-traveling comments; I’ll keep that in mind, in future.  By the same token, though, if your comment doesn’t appear immediately, please don’t re-post it.  Assume it has, for who knows what reason, gone to the spam folder, and that I will rescue it the next time I log in.

Thanks also to all of you who have commented on each other’s posts, given encouragement, and offered congratulations as appropriate.  Amstr especially is acting like a co-host, and I do appreciate it, especially as you’ve just been hosting a group and might be wanting to coast now.

Next week I’ll try replying to several people in a single comment so as to cut down on the intimidation factor of having 134 comments or whatever it is.  Replying to comments individually certainly does inflate the numbers.

I am also grateful for your expressions of concern about the Tiny Cat.  She should probably get her own post soon, rather than having updates on her health buried in comment strings.

Have a good week, everyone.  May you write in good health and good spirits.  See you on Friday for our next check-in.

2 thoughts on “End of weekend writing group notes

  1. Oh, dear. Somehow I missed the time cut off on this (I knew it was Sunday, I didn’t know it was Sunday 6 CT.) So I kept beavering away because I wanted to say I’d done what I said I’d do. My goal for the week was clearing the decks: a review of a manuscript proposal, a book review, an article review, and revising an article that had been accepted for publication with minor revisions. And just two minutes ago I submitted my revised article to the journal. That means the decks are clear — all reviews of manuscripts, proposals, book reviews etc. DONE. So I can now move forward on the article I’m writing this semester.

    The goal for next week is to start reading primary sources which I think will contribute to the article that I’m writing this fall. I think I’ll focus on jestbooks, but I may read some plays, and I may change my mind and go after a bunch of secondary literature. I need to keep the goals modest because my Tuesday, usually a writing day, is taken up with meetings.

    It was very important for me to have this group to check in to (in spite of being late) because I was bored by the book I had to review, and I had to read two overdue ILL books both of which were bad but I had to spend enough time on them to be sure they were as bad as I thought. I was even bored by revising my own work, because the revisions were so trivial (though I did think what I’d done was good). This is the kind of thing that leads to endless procrastination on my part! (Note late check-in: it’s 7:40 on Sunday evening, and I haven’t had dinner, but I’m now DONE.)

    Somehow in my fights with gravatar, I’ve got a new name, but I’m the same who was historisusan. I like professorsusan better 🙂

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