Sorry, everybody, that I’m late setting this up.  I realized last night that although I thought (wishful thinking?) that I had another couple of weeks to get an external tenure review letter sent off, in fact it needed to be faxed today.  So that took priority.  I’m getting down to writing group set-up now, and our official First Week Check-in will be up this evening.

We have a bumper crop of participants.  This is going to be awesome!

OK, don’t post goals here.  Wait till I get the list and the guidelines up, please.

Thank you for your patience.  We appreciate your business and a customer representative will be with you shortly.

6 thoughts on “Writing Group placeholder

  1. Is it too late to jump in on this? I have an article (my first) in progress but am going around in circles a bit. This would be so helpful to get me moving forwards.

  2. I am so excited to find this! I was just sent this by a colleague and I need this kind of support. Would it be possible still to join? I do realize you have a big group, but I have definite goals for the fall. Thanks for considering!

    1. Just in case, this is my first time in a blog project of this kind. My goal is to finish a full draft of my dissertation this fall. I can provide more details later but figured I would do at least this brief introductory statement.

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