Long-time readers will remember what a hellion Basement Cat was in his youth.  He is called Basement Cat on the blog not because we actually keep him in the basement, but because he is all-black and used to act evil.

But now, at four (I think), he is mostly a nice cat (Glendower has taken over on the evil front, so we still have a difficult black cat).  This morning he is being particularly sweet.  The Tiny Cat has a special perch in our front window, which her brother the Grammarian also enjoys; we sometimes have to make the Grammarian move along, so the Tiny Cat can get into her spot.  She’s been sitting there this morning, and Basement Cat has been sitting behind her, where he can look out.  But even when she gets down, to drink or use the litter box, Basement Cat does not move into her place.  He’s keeping it for her.

Or maybe he just wants to spy from the shadows, since Neighbor Catboy and Neighbor Catgirl are out in the garden.

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