I swapped out my almost-new laptop with the wireless problem for a new laptop (same model) which seems to be working okay . . . except that the wireless is rather slow.  Sir John suggests that maybe this model just has problems with its wireless card, and urges that if I have problems again I should insist on exchanging for something else.

Le sigh.  Le sigh enorme.  I hate setting up/breaking in a new computer.  It’s stressful and gets in the way of other work, though sometimes, obviously, it’s necessary in order to get any work done at all.  I really hope this one will settle down and behave.  I want to get back to a normal schedule instead of having to take time to visit computer stores (two trips this week) and do unusual messing about with electronics.

So if I suddenly go silent for another long period, suspect my laptop before you worry about my health.

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