Updated to add: anyone who still wants to join should go directly to the Week 1 Check In and check in, following the required format.  I’ve got everyone down to Kirstin, but I’d prefer not to have to keep checking back here.

We still have a week to go over at amstr‘s, so this is advance notice: I will be hosting the next writing group iteration, the Sept-Dec 2012 Group, so-called because I don’t want to assume that all participants are from the northern hemisphere.  After all, when it’s fall (or autumn) Up Over, it’s spring Down Under.

(Have I mentioned that in my Ideal Life I fly, on the equinoxes, from north to south or vice versa, and so never have to endure winter cold or long dark nights?  Anyone posting from the Southern Hemisphere is welcome to exult over signs of spring, and I will experience great vicarious pleasure as I imagine myself in my southern hemi-home.)

Anyway, we’ll begin where amstr leaves off, and have our first check-in on Friday, 31 August.  The group will run for 15 regular weeks (a semester’s worth) plus “finals,” where we report final results; that last check-in will be Friday, 14 December (followed by a holiday party—with caipirinhas, not eggnog, if I have anything to say about it; see Ideal Life, above).

So leave a comment any time if you want to join in.  Further details will be forthcoming.

And I should warn you, I probably won’t do daily inspirational quotes this time around.  Maybe one or two a week, if we’re all lucky.

46 thoughts on “Announcing the Sept-Dec 2012 Writing Group

  1. I’m in.This book has GOT to move forward somehow.
    I don’t mind Fall, or even the first snowfall or two, but after Christmas I want the snow and cold gone! That’s my Ideal world. (And I leave the eggnog for husband. ick.)

  2. Count me back in. There’s another article that needs to be written and these writing groups are GOLDEN!

  3. OK, I am in. I am not setting writing goals, though, but keeping to research schedule goals. I must use for research all the time I have set aside for it, and I must do this for reasons of self preservation.

    It is 17.5 total hours per week, in 7 blocks, one a day but movable. This makes it possible to clear a day or two if necessary. I am going to experiment with this, to see whether the blocks need to be shorter, so that having time for 2 in a day is more realistic. But, according to my contract I am, technically, to spend 18 hours on research, and during my best periods I have spent 15 and gotten a lot done, so I will see about setting this situation up for real.

  4. I would love to join. I’m on the quarter system and my project is a substantial revision to an article due in October, but it would be really great to have some community for this project. I feel a bit alone out here!

  5. I need to turn a conference paper into a book chapter during a semester with crazy teaching and service. So I’m in!

  6. I’d love to participate this time around. I’ve got a fairly new long-term project, and I need to figure out how to incorporate work on it into my weekly teaching schedule. Some accountability and collective reciprocal support will undoubtedly help!

  7. I want to be in too! I may not be able to post the weekend of 8/31, though, as I’ll be traveling with a 5-year old in tow.

    Thanks for hosting again.

  8. I’m excited to join in again, after a long-ish hiatus from writing and the writing group. Thanks for hosting this time around, Dame Eleanor Hull!

  9. Hurrah! I’m in! I have a short article that’s due just before the end of the writing group, so the schedule is just about perfect for me. Thanks for hosting – these groups are *so* useful for me.

  10. Count me in (assuming eggnog-lovers are allowed. But not the store-bought stuff; the good stuff with all the ingredients that are dangerous for various and sundry reasons: eggs, cream, rum, etc.). Thanks for hosting, Dame!

  11. Thanks very much for hosting! Count me in too, though I will disappear halfway through to take care of reproductivity instead of productivity for a couple months! But the writing group has been super-helpful.

  12. I have never been apart of a writing group, so I am unsure of what happens- but I would LOVE to have some inspiration to get a paper I want to write done!

  13. I’d like to join. I’m already starting to get a little support working alongside a friend on dissertation topics, but we’re at different stages. It would help me to be in another, larger group with people all across the conceptioncompletion continuum.

  14. Dude. Sweet. I’d love to try and join in.

    (Also, I’ve been a blogospheric delinquent of late, so this lovely redesign of yours is probably ages old. But I’m going to compliment it anyway, and keep grinning at your fantastic header image.)

  15. Sept 1, for Friday Aug 31 checkin: I have actually stuck pretty much to research time despite hurricane and houseguests. I attribute this to very good teaching schedule this term, elimination of harassment at work and my having become more intelligent again. I am not setting writing goals, just research time goals and letting it go from there, and as a result of this, yesterday I started to see a better, far more functional book outline.

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