Basement Cat seems smaller than I remembered him, and Glendower larger.

The Tiny Cat is still with us.

I love my gym.  The machines feel right, there’s lots of light, not too much noise, towels are supplied, and they are nice towels that don’t leave bits of white fluff all over me.

The street I live on has been re-paved.  It really, really needed it.  Right now it makes me happy just to drive down the street without the jolts and jars of the old pavement.

I don’t mind the clutter at home as much as I thought I would, because it’s so familiar.  I still want to do some clearing out, but I’m happy not to feel driven-crazy by the house.

The cats have learned to sleep in!  So I can go to the gym in the morning and feed them later.

Unpacking will undoubtedly proceed piecemeal over the next few days.  I am not one of those people who unpack the minute they get home.  I’ve located the gifts to ascertain that they are unbroken and put dirty clothes in the laundry hamper.  I am also not someone who does laundry before going home.  Apparently nearly everyone else on the program didn’t want to pack dirty clothes.  I would much rather do laundry in my customary machine (even when I didn’t have my own machine but used a coin-op machine in the condo basement, this was true), and I can’t believe my dirty clothes are so filthy that they’ll infect everything else in the baggage.  It’s not as if we were camping out.

Anyway, the cats need to check out the luggage.  It’s in the job requirements.

I got peaches at the Farmers’ Market this morning.  And blueberries.  There might be a pie in the offing . . . if I don’t just eat them all with yogurt before a pie can happen.  And if so, then there’s another FM next Saturday.

My laptop’s wireless card now seems to be functioning normally, after being erratic and usually screwed up for the last ten days in England.  I don’t know WTF that was about, but it’s nice to have the internet at my fingertips again.


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    1. We are both medievalists, but she is a historian of Blargistan and I specialize in Middle English lit, so we only turn up at the same places when said place is either Kalamazoo or Leeds.

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