So, despite all the rushing about in my last week at home, I did get to the airport with everything I needed, and fortunately I have Sir John at home to take care of the errands and so on that I couldn’t get to, like picking up my dry cleaning and paying bills. Love the lovely husband, without whom trips like this would be far more complicated.

The UK’s cloudy and cool weather is a pleasant contrast to the heat wave at home. Normally I enjoy hot weather, and I soaked up as much of it as I could before leaving, but I even I would not be very happy with the current mid-continent weather. But I wish I could have brought a cat or two with me. Cool and cloudy would become really cozy if I could have Basement Cat curled up with me. And I’m sure he and Glendower would love watching the birds from the really birds’-eye-level place I’m staying.

The first week here was a blur of teaching, necessary settling-in errands, and determination to get some research done around all the rest, but I hope now I will be able to give you some interesting reports on life here.

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