I’m working on an essay (well, a couple of essays) about a manuscript.  Mumble years ago, I photographed it.  The first day’s pictures were blurry and dark, as I was just getting acquainted with a new camera.  I started over, and the new pictures came out better.  But I didn’t trash the first lot.

And now I am glad, because the first “bad” batch do a better job of showing the inner margins of the pages, and that’s what I need right now.

Also I thought I had got to the point of needing books that are at home to continue with the writing; but someone sent me a PDF of one chapter of one of those books, a few months ago, and I saved it, so now I may be able to continue even before I get home.

Or not, because there are other tasks I may have to focus on instead.  But it’s so nice to find that my packrat tendencies serve me well, instead of bogging me down.

5 thoughts on “Electronic packrat

  1. Never trash any of that stuff, for sure! I still occasionally have to sift through my files for things I haven’t even thought about for ten years that suddenly become relevant. As long as it’s neatly organized, and on a hard drive, it’s not hoarding!

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