I would like to celebrate the Tiny Cat while we still have her with us, so here are some pictures.  The top picture is of the Tiny Cat with her brother, the Grammarian.  The lower one is of the Tiny Cat on one shelf of the cat tree.  She rules the roost.


13 thoughts on “The Tiny Cat

    1. If I had stupid amounts of money we would get one of these:


      Actually, if I had stupid amounts of money we’d have one for each cat, who am I kidding? But the cat tree we have was inherited from a neighbor, who had just been given a new one, so we took the old one. It has tree branches for legs and five shelves, top to bottom, and it looks a bit homemade. Drs Foster and Smith’s catalogue has some sturdy cat trees and condos, with multiple shelves and both carpet and sisal-wrapped bits for happy scratching, but we don’t have space for more than one tree. I think they ship broken down and you put them together. My main recommendation is to get something as big (high) as you can afford; our beasties really love to get high up. Basement Cat has worked out how to jump to the top of one bookcase from the stairs. If you know a woodworker you might be able to get someone to put a tree together from scraps, cheap.

  1. Aww; very sweet, and yes, with a decided individual perspective on things (with or without the tree, which is presumably especially attractive when one is a small beast in a world of mostly-larger beasts).

    The grammarian looks to be an unusual color — more solid light brown than grey. Or is that just the lighting?

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