OK, I’m back in the virtual world after a couple of weeks of discovering just how joined at the hip I was with my old laptop, and how accustomed I was to being able to connect to the Internet at any moment at home (even though I keep thinking that I’m not all that much of a junky because I don’t have a smart phone and don’t want one).  It’s good to be here.  Library access!  Blogs!  LOLcats!

I still have to finish setting up the new computer, loading files and programs and stuff, but I’ve done the basics.

The Tiny Cat is hanging in.  She’s still not eating on her own, so we’re hand-feeding her every couple of hours during the day.  But yesterday she went upstairs on her own, not once but twice, and both then and today she has seemed a bit brighter, more herself, so we’re keeping everything crossed in hopes that she will continue to feel better and start eating of her own volition. We’re giving up on the idea of moving, I think, unless she either does markedly better or else dies: I fear getting overwhelmed in the process of inspections, updating, packing, appointments, blah blah blah, and losing track of the Tiny Cat and her needs.

Work accomplished this week: I have managed to finish a translation from Middle English of a short but difficult text that I want to teach this summer.  On the Actual Real Writing front, I turned the earlier outline into a more workable, humanities-oriented outline (I had borrowed a social sciences type format from Research as a Second Language, but it really isn’t right for my discipline), and wrote a couple of new paragraphs on the paper-turning-article (must come up with an alias for it—the MMP’s companion-piece).

I am amazed, actually, that I got even that much done, considering how up-and-down I have been this week.  Sir John is better at taking one day at a time, whereas I have veered from despair to hope and back and forth all week.  Days are all chopped up into feeding the Tiny Cat, plus entertaining Glendower, and giving the Grammarian extra meds (because it never rains but it pours), and dealing with normal errands and whatnot.  I hope life will be a bit more stable this week, and that I can keep normal office hours while I get better acquainted with the new laptop.

2 thoughts on “Reconnected!

  1. I am glad that your new laptop is here. Boy, can I relate to the shock of realizing how wired in you are when your internet-connected computer self-destructs. That was my November 2010!

    I’m also glad that Tiny Cat is holding on. I’m impressed how well you’re doing on the translating and writing. I have to wrangle my latest ‘frankenpaper’ into a polished conference paper for next Sunday: I have all of the pieces but it’s not coherently organized, at least not yet. That you’ve gotten so much done while Tiny Cat’s health has you unmoored and computer troubles slowed you down is worth celebrating, though, so give yourself a pat on the back!

  2. I’m glad that Tiny Cat seems to be feeling better. Hope things continue to improve!

    And I’m amazed at how much you’ve gotten done despite everything going on (including computery issues). Here is an official THE DAME ROCKS sticker for you. *hands it over with great ceremony*

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