Things I have done today, not necessarily in order:

bought cat food

driven 120 miles

got an oil change

finished grading quizzes, including locating some that had wandered off

checked proofs of a book review

submitted a sample translation to an editor

renewed books

entered grades in spreadsheet

computed final grades

submitted final grades

received a gift from my students! (first time that has ever happened for a regular semester course)

put together illustrations for my Kalamazoo paper

printed my Kalamazoo paper

And now I will go home, arriving past my bedtime, and sometime either tonight or tomorrow morning I will pack.  I have to pick up a friend at the airport tomorrow just past noon, and I’m hoping we can leave from there . . . so I’m sure I’ll wind up with either too much or too little stuff packed.  But what this all adds up to, not that I can believe it right now, is that I’M DONE with the spring semester.

I’m not sure if this means PARTAY at the ZOO or just s.l.e.e.p  t.h.r.o.u.g.h the c.o.n.f.e.r.e.n.c.e. . . . . either one would have its points!

5 thoughts on “HuzZAH!

  1. That’s quite a list; congratulations! May you and all the other medievalists have fun a the Zoo.

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