“I really couldn’t enjoy Los Angeles, despite meeting the famous as above, until I started to work on my new book on Warrior Queens in the library of UCLA.  I simply wasn’t used to a life of doing nothing in a hotel and it produced melancholy . . . .  It was a city, we found, where people worked hard on films and went to bed early; it didn’t suit our way of life of roistering and relaxing after the theater.”

Antonia Fraser.  Must You Go? My life with Harold Pinter.  New York: Doubleday, 2012.  182.

Sounds good to me: a city where people go to bed early and are about early in the morning.  I could live with that.

3 thoughts on “1985 editorial comment

  1. ha! I’m the opposite…though I don’t thinks I’d mind being the only one up later at night. I want the quiet to do things. JaneB’s right though…proper seasons matter!

  2. “Proper seasons” are incredibly overrated, IMHO. If I could move somewhere without them I would even be willing to give up my beautiful brown suede boots in addition to the heavy winter coat and all my cashmere sweaters.

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