“Rule #13: Make a habit of writing amid comforable, moderately uninterrupted conditions where almost all you do is writing (or things supportive of it).

“Stated another way, writers do well to arrange comfortable surrounds where they will feel like writing and where there is little else to do but writing (while, nonetheless, tolerating occasional and moderate interruptions).” (240)


3 thoughts on “Boice rule 13 for Friday the 13th

  1. This is one reason I fervently hope to move this summer. Can’t imagine what it would be like to have, as Virginia Woolf suggests, “a room of one’s own.” Right now, I have no choice but to write in a room where everyone else gathers…there’s nothing like a rousing game of Nerf Basketball right next to me to problematize my creative flow.

    1. Best wishes, Ink, for that room of your own. At the moment, I have *only* a room of my own (a studio apartment), but, despite the chaos of trying to fit too much stuff/too many different activities into a small space, I’m finding it quite satisfying. A room of one’s own attached to lively family space (as long as the two can be separated) would presumably be even better.

      1. You’re kind–thank you! Glad to hear that it makes a satisfying place for your work…I am determined to make it happen (even if I end up on the back porch or something). 😉

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