“Rule #9: Writing, in usual practice, need be nothing more than a modest daily priority, one that ranks well below more important priorities like social life and exercising. . . .

“Why?  Because putting writing ahead of more meaninful things like our health and social life makes it aversive, something to be delayed or rushed, something to be done perfectly but quickly, something that should seem more desirable than it really is.  Even traveling, with all its prospects of escape and discovery, demands the balance and moderation of returning home from time to time to do other things.” (237)


2 thoughts on “Boice rule 9 for Thursday

  1. Hmm. . .I think that works for a day (or a time period, such as a summer or semester break, or a sabbatical) where there aren’t too many urgent but less important priorities competing for attention. I’m less sure about the times when one is in extreme juggling mode, and knows that all the “modest daily priort[ies]” simply aren’t going to get addressed on any given day. Then again, I’m one of those who thinks that one solution to the juggling problem is to set weekly (really, several-times-a-week) priorities rather than try to juggle everything on any given day. It may depend on one’s innate temperament/attention span; for those of us who find transitions hard and several-hour engagements with a given task satisfying, it makes more sense to alternate than to try to do a little bit of everything every day.

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