No one is looking at you “like that.”  After a certain age, everyone knows how draining dealing with family can be.  Look after yourself.

The really scary thing is that the older I get, the saner and more functional my family appears in comparison to others’!

I’m so tired of Blogger’s refusal to let me put comments on blogs even when I’m signed in to WordPress.  Only the name/URL option is working.  When are the blog providers going to notice all the posts and comments about this problem and fix it?  I’m positive they have some sort of web alert thingie that collects complaints like this one.


5 thoughts on “Confidential to Dr Koshary

  1. I personally consider sheer laziness in pursuing what is, after all, a hobby to be a perfectly sound reason (or excuse if one’s interlocutor is being accusatory) for continuing to use Blogger.

    Yes, I don’t much like google’s policies, but I’ve yet to see a wordpress blog which looks ‘right’ (for a personal definition of right, and with the caveat that my own blogger home is in no way the epitome of ‘right’, just the point at which laziness and wanting certain functionality fell into equilibrium). maybe in the summer I might consider moving. or not.

  2. Thanks, Dame Eleanor! Good to know this family-induced daze isn’t unusual.

    Oh, and I make no bones about liking Blogger, on the whole. It’s easy, it’s simple, and I need nothing more. I find that Blogger and WordPress are equally guilty of making commenting unreasonably hard — I often have the same problem on WordPress blogs. As they say around teh internetz, YMMV.

  3. I hope it’s clear that when I say “blog providers” I mean the platforms, Blogger and WordPress, not individuals.
    Having used them both, I do have a strong preference for WordPress, but I really wish they’d sort out the problems with comments.

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