Actually, the first day of a whole Mitford week:

“Just writing to keep in touch, aren’t I, and because for the moment I’m a touch stuck with the book.  Also to let you know I’ve started on a tremendous program of self-improvement.  It consists of: 1. Getting up at 7 or earlier each day.  2. Doing the stomach and waist exercises (Reduce in Record Time) 15 minutes morn and eve.  3. A diet, 600 to 800 calories INCLUDING LIQUOR.  4. Doing my book first thing till at least lunch time.”

Jessica Mitford, letter to Constancia Romilly, 3 March 1959 (Decca: The Letters of Jessica Mitford, ed. Peter Y. Sussman, New York: Knopf, 2006; 187).


6 thoughts on “Mitford Monday

      1. Me, too. I was thinking “well, if she eats most of those calories for breakfast, she just might get some work done in the morning before spending the rest of the day lying around feeling too faint from hunger to do anything — and thus burning fewer calories than she normally would.” And adding a drink to that mostly-empty stomach certainly wouldn’t help.

  1. In reading the first half of the quotation, I thought, “Oh my gosh! This could be me speaking!” Then I got to the part about the calories. Nope. Not me.. But I love the assumption of liquor in her rations. Interesting priorities! Are her letters good, overall?

  2. I love the craziness of the Mitfords as a more interesting prefiguring of the crazy celebrity families of the moern era.

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