“I’ve rarely taken so much pleasure in writing as I do these days, especially in the afternoon when I come back at half past four into this room that’s still thick with smoke from the morning, the paper already covered with green ink lying on the desk; and my cigarette and fountain pen feel so pleasant in my fingers. . . . And even inside, I sense things loosening up; perhaps I imagine it.  At any rate, I feel lots of things to say.”

Simone de Beauvoir, Force of Circumstance, trans. Richard Howard (New York: Harper Colophon, 1977; orig. La Force des Choses, Gallimard, 1963), vol. 1, 84-5.

2 thoughts on “Friday, 23 March: pleasure

  1. Thatte’s pretty fucken hilarious that she could take pleasure in the fact of her room still being thick with cigarette smoke from a smoking/writing session that occurred hours earlier.

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