Why is it that today I need to log in to my WordPress account to post a comment anywhere, including on WordPress blogs where I am a regular commenter and my information already shows up in the i.d. windows for comments?  This is annoying.

And it has become nearly impossible to post comments to any Blogger blog.  I am grateful to people who give the name/URL option.  Sisyphus, how about it?  I keep wanting to comment and giving up in disgust when even when I’m logged in, I can’t get my ID accepted.


12 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. That’s strange. Did you press the “remember my log-in” for WordPress? Is the topbar showing? Try signing out and signing back in.

    I agree with you about the new blogger system. Their captchas are BRUTAL and I now think long and hard about whether it’s worth trying to leave a comment if I see a nasty captcha. Life’s too short to untangle the mix of obfuscated i, j, r, n, m, t and so forth!

  2. I try not to stay logged in or be remembered automatically—part of my strategy for avoiding giving up TMI—but for a long time, WordPress would recognize me and fill in my info automatically on a lot of pages. And today every time I go somewhere, the info shows up but when I click “post” I get an error message that I need to be signed in: including on my own blog!

  3. Hmm. . .I don’t have a WordPress account at all, but wordpress does remember my name and email address. Here’s a test (using Firefox).

  4. I also had a whole paragraph typed up on sisyphus’s post about the gifts my students had given me… and alas… lost to the sands of time because I can’t *actually* post with a wordpress account.

  5. I also posted a comment successfully (via google) at Sisyphus’ place (and I’m glad I’m not the only one being driven crazy by the captchas; I thought that was just one more symptom of my rapidly-aging eyes).

    So maybe this is a problem mostly for those who *do* have WordPress accounts?

    1. Comments are not available at WP for nonWPers if you have an email that has been associated with WP.

      But signing in to WP first means I can comment. Though when I tried this morning (see post at my place), I was just trying to sign in via leaving a comment and filling out the fields, which normally signs me in. Didn’t work. Actually have to go to wp.com to sign in, THEN try to comment.

      It has been very grrrrr.

      1. Yes, that’s my experience as well. I suppose it has to do with both of us having had Blogger accounts. But then why does the problem just show up now, when I’ve had both the old blog and the new one connected to the same address for the whole time I’ve had the new one?

        Grumble grumble grumble.

  6. I have taken the word verification off of my blog to make is easier for people. We’ll see if I get spammed. I’m on Blogger but have no problem commenting WP. But I’ve never been on WP.

  7. I have this problem, too, and it may be, as Dame E suggests down-thread, because we have both Blogger and WP accounts associated with the same e-mail. But I don’t see why that *should* be a problem. Sigh.

    Holy cow, I just had the problem here, too! WTF? And the error page actually said something like ‘That e-mail address is associated with a WP account. Please log in to WP first.’ So it seems that *WordPress* is the origin of the problem.

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