“By Thursday I decide I hate whatever it is I’ve written, that I’ve lost my talent, and furthermore I begin inventing my worst-nightmare notices. . . .By morning I know it’s time to force myself outside.  I even put on mascara for the occasion.  I take myself to the campus library and join in the communal contract for concentration.  Leaving the room, I leave behind my fear and am able to focus again.”

Wendy Wasserstein, “Holidays at the Keyboard Inn,” 145-9 in The Writing Life: Writers on How They Think and Work, ed. Marie Arana (New York: Public Affairs, 2003), at 148.


5 thoughts on “Thursday already

  1. Yup. Today I’m getting my hair done. Maybe my writing will look better after that. I was re-reading some things last night (this morning? It was 1am.) and kept thinking “When did I write this? Why do I have 3 of the same type of scenes? My characters are stuck!”

  2. Oh that is good stuff. Good stuff, indeed. Except for the mascara. These days, every time I try it, my eyes turn red and freak out.

  3. I figure if it happens to Wendy Wasserstein, then basically we’re ALL in the same boat, and the thing to do is just carry on. Go to the library or wherever, with or without mascara and hairdo.

  4. I tried a thousand times to leave a comment on this earlier today but it wouldn’t let me. So I left a comment at my place for you, but it is a greatly reduced version of my original one, wah.

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