“Fantasize about yourself living the writing life that you want to have.  See yourself doing very specific things (Where do you live?  What does your writing space look like?  What are you writing?  Who is reading it?  What do they say about it?) and do not edit yourself in any way, either by limitation of what you ask for, or by judgment of it.  Just have a waking dream about achieving the things you would like to . . . . Remember, the first step in getting what you want is knowing what it is.”

Elizabeth Berg, Escaping into the Open (NY: Harper Collins, 2000), 18.

One thought on “Woooooot! Friday!

  1. This sounds a lot like some of the exercises in the one “woo”-ish book I’ve found that mostly resonates for me: Barbara Sher’s Wishcraft. It’s actually very analytical, which is probably why I like it: it’s analysis in woo’s clothing (or perhaps woo analysis-coated enough for those who like to think of ourselves as logical to swallow it).

    I’ve tried The Artist’s Way, and, while some parts of it resonate for me, the whole package is too far at the “woo” end of the scale to be really useful. Maybe I ought to look into some of her other books. The odd thing is that, while I’m increasingly coming to self-identify as a writer (based mostly on the fact that I’m good at it, have been good at it since elementary school, and enjoy it), reading books written “for writers” tends to send me back in the “that’s not me” direction.

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