“Lida de Malkiel’s work methodology involved years of careful reading of primary and secondary sources, which she annotated in the margins.  She took careful notes, which she used for the drafts that she wrote in her notebooks, and which she supplemented with additional citations in the form of slips of paper or file cards affixed to the relevant notebook.  A particular piece would be subject to rewriting until the author considered it worthy of publication.  This process was so painstakingly thorough and the material untilized by Lida de Malkiel so extensive that it often took several years for a piece to see the light in print form as a long article or book.”

Ana M. Gómez-Bravo, “María Rosa Lida de Malkiel (1910-1962),” Women Medievalists and the Academy, ed. Jane Chance (Madison: U of Wisconsin P, 2005), 725-6.