“In an expansive mood, whatever I wrote was great.  In a constricted mood, nothing was good.  This made writing a roller coaster of judgment and indictment: guilty or innocent, good or bad, off with its head or allowed to go scot-free.  I wanted a saner, less extreme way to write than this.  I wanted emotional sobriety in my writing. . . . I had never realized that all my drama around writing was exactly that, drama.”

Julia Cameron, The Right to Write (Putnam, 1999), 18-19.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Her books detoxify the writing process – I haven’t followed all of her prescriptions but her daily writing exercises are still key.

  2. Ha! My first thought at the drama line was how we should make these writing groups a reality TV show. 🙂 Our struggles follow the traditional recipe, though maybe only other writers would watch it.

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