OK.  You’ve shown up and set your goals.  In my case, you’ve taken advantage of a couple of not-happening meetings to back out of two more today, so there’s a little extra time now to make up for less time at the end of the week.  And you’re looking for motivation.  Here you go:

Take the nasty voice who nags you about failure, overweening pride, slow production or whatever it does, and embody it.  Make it ugly, an insectoid monster.  Now shrink it down to bug size, so its growls in the back of your head get shrill and squeaky, like a single cicada buzzing.

Now mentally pick up a stack of manuscript you have produced and drop it on the bug.


Now write something.

Here’s the list of people who checked in this week:

Contingent Cassandra
Luo Lin
Nancy Warren

Missing in action:
David Whitehead
Rented Life

Let me remind you of the rules: we go till 4 May.  New posts will appear on Friday.  Comments will close Sunday night (US Central Time).  Last night I went to bed unusually early, so I left them open, but don’t count on that happening.  And as I said a couple of weeks ago: “If you’re going to join, please commit to posting every week, even if you have to admit you haven’t done anything.  It makes it much easier to keep track of who’s in the group.  We’ve all had bad weeks.  Just face it and move on.”  I’m letting thefrogprincess join late because I already know her from another group, but this is it, people.  If you still want to join, start your own group.

17 thoughts on “Monday morning writing-grouping

  1. thanks for sorting this, and yes it does make one more accountable. Despite the impromptu homeschooling I was already thinking “how am I going to squeeze in some work time” for this today May have to double up in the AM tomorrow

  2. I have been insanely ill since Thursday and have not been able to stay awake long enough to comment/read or do anything productive, hence my lateness. I know you have deadlines and I do want to commit to goals every week. This wasn’t a case of not committing or even not owning up. I’m really ill. (I’m going to the dr this afternoon. No freaking clue what is going on…) I promise it’s not like me to skip out, and I’m sorry.

    FWIW, I usually trap bugs and let someone else kill them. Bug freak me OUT.

    1. Then trap your bug in a jar and spray it with my patented Anti-Bug Power-Writer Spray. Free sample for now, order more when you need it! Sorry to hear you’re so ill; I hope your doctor can help.

      1. Just had a crap load of tests done…we’ll see what they say. I totally need that bug spray. My husband made such fun od me when I trapped a huge bug a few weeks ago. I couldn’t convince the cats to kill it either. 😦

  3. Oh…and:
    1. Last week’s goal: find some time for myself to get my stuff together.

    2. What was achieved toward that goal. This was somewhat achieved. I did do better with checking e-mail less and saying F-it to the insane schedule I was doing. The downfall of that was when I started getting ill, the free time I expected to have on Friday and Sat was spent writhing in pain. Lesson: Take care of self SOONER. I did start to catch up on a few things I enjoy that had nothing to do with the insanity that is work. I did not give 2 of my projects any mental space at all.

    3. Comments/analysis of what worked or what went wrong. I got sick. I have no idea what is wrong and I need to get over my dislike of doctors and find out. Also, there’s just that voice (the bug you squashed) that is like “but you *should* be doing this or that, not enjoying yourself.” It’s a process. I don’t think I managed some of my time as well as I could. I need to a) keep with smaller goals b) get healthy and c) not get upset when it’s not going how I want it to.

    4. Goal for the next week. Continue with first goal and see if I can make a final decision submitting to the conference (project #3.) I’d also like to begin reading the book I have for project one.

  4. I diddled around tweaking figures and figure legends of my grant today. But I really have to fucken buckle down and write the goddamn motherfucken experimental narrative. And the motherfucker’s due on Thursday.

  5. Sorry! Friday went much awry last week. Must put this on my calendar so I get into the habit.

    1. Last week’s goal.
    I had to send off a chapter and make progress on my book.

    2. What was achieved toward that goal.
    The chapter was finished and sent in by Wednesday, later than I would have liked, but nonetheless done and sent it. As for my book, I started on one of the three parts I needed to work on, but didn’t get as far as I had hoped. That said, I created a figure that really captured what I”m talking about and that excited me.

    3. Comments/analysis of what worked or what went wrong.
    My biggest problem during the week was meetings and people needing things from me. When I had writing time, I did great. And I fought for that time in some instances. That I wrote about 400 words and created a figure on Friday was a minor miracle. I’m back to protecting my time again as much as I can this week. Last week was somewhat unavoidable — too many defenses, deans calling meetings, etc.

    4. Goal for the next week.
    Finish 1 of the 3 outstanding items for the book and get at least 1/2 done on a second.

  6. Amstr, here. I’m sad to have missed the application deadline (I found such value in being a part of ADNWG in the fall), but I’d be happy to host a writing group here: writingaccount.wordpress.com.

    Feel free to point people in my direction, if there are others who are interested!

  7. Dame Eleanor, when you mentioned that the problem with being the hostess was that you didn’t get the feedback the participants, did, I thought that perhaps we should all be encouraged to support and critique (constructively, of course) everyone. Then your accomplishments would be lauded with the rest of ours.

    This mutual support started during the WWW, but perhaps if it were institutionalized, that would be helpful.

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