How do I get my gravatar image to show up as a favicon, to the left of the URL?  I know that some of you have that; do you have to pay for the custom-level themes, or use a different theme than what I am using, or what?


3 thoughts on “WordPress question

  1. Have you cleared your cache since you added it? Sometimes that helps.

    Note, though, that there are two different kinds of images: blavatars (which you control via General Settings) and gravatars (which you control under User Settings). The one showing up when you comment is your gravatar. So you also have to add a blavatar for something to show up in your URL line.

    Hope that makes sense. Also, I am going to try to blog a bit longer and have followed your lead and come over to WP. So I’ll try to find the post on the writing group and join in. Thanks again for your kindnesses.

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