I found that blog (I love people who don’t update their blog rolls. Seriously): http://professorme.blogspot.com/

A big thank you to the Grumpies for introducing the Hull family to Gunnerkrigg! Sir John stayed up till the small hours were no longer so very small, reading it. I’m still going through the archives very, very slowly because I don’t want it ever to end.

Leonard Cohen is bringing out a new album. And he’s releasing it on vinyl as well as on CD. I’m not actually such a geek as to get the vinyl version, but I love that there are such geeks and that Leonard is catering to them.

Someone left a link to Apartment Therapy in the comments to New Kid’s decorating post. Cool stuff. Only I think you’d really have to get rid of a lot of stuff before their ideas would work, and that is precisely the hard part. I also read with great interest the post on how to pack lightly for a trip, as I always enjoy such advice, but, again as usual, I found that I actually pack lighter than the advisors do. That is, when I’m flying I pack that lightly. Driving to Kalamazoo? You’d think I was moving in.

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