It’s a sunny Saturday. Yesterday I cleared off my desk, and did other straightening up around my study. I’d like to do more, now that I have started, but it was a good start, and I am inspired by the sight of all this clear space on which I could spread out bits of the MMP.

Only, as it is Saturday, I will be going out to breakfast with Sir John, where we will spend some time with the papers, say hi to the other regulars, and then discover it is much later in the day than we wish it were.

If I were single, I might just get down to work. On the other hand, if I were single, I might feel that I had all day and procrastinate, or I might be feeling depressed because I hadn’t had a date in years.

So I’m going out, but in the meantime, welcome to any new readers who have wandered over from Grumpy Rumblings, and if y’all need something to discuss until the next installment of the WWW meets, consider this: how do the people (or critters) you live with affect your work/writing habits?

2 thoughts on “Clear space

  1. Friday night I learned I can not write if my husband plays video games…because he talks. I'm fine blocking out the video game noise, but once he says something I feel like I was supposed to be listening and it distracts me. As for the critters…well I have some pictures I'll be posting on my own blog in a day or so, of the "help" I get. Hope breakfast was wonderful!

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