and if you were starting with the Winter Writing Workshop this week, then it’s Friday already, and that means that in 3 days we’ll be doing the next week’s check-in.

If you’re still grading, GOOD LUCK! Hang in there! It will get done, the students will go away, time to breathe and write and exercise and eat holiday cookies is right around the corner.

Now, I’ve been sick all week, and all I’ve done so far in the way of work is a bunch of conference-related stuff. Well, and about 600 words of notes on a book, plus reading some articles I didn’t take notes on and probably should have. But I haven’t done any actual MMP-writing, not even the directed free-writing I assigned myself, so I’m thinking that it’s time to start.



Because though I’m still not all well, at the moment I can breathe, and my eyes don’t burn, and so I am going to do a bit of writing. So I’ll have something to report on Monday.

And so I am posting this not only for my own accountability, but to point out to anyone else in the WWW who might be in the same position that we still have a few days (and anyone who’s buckled down and got way ahead can gloat a little bit—yeah, go ahead, you know you want to).

5 thoughts on “If you’re writing over break . . .

  1. Still grading. Grading seems to be so horrifying this year that I had a dream last night that a student attacked me in front of the class about her portfolio. Oddly the class she was attacking me in wasn't the class that did portfolios, but was my favorite class of the semester and they pulled her off me. Then it took 30 min for campus security to show up. No idea how my little stressed head put all that together last night. I did however spend some time last night fleshing out some ideas with my main sounding board: husband. Just need to get it to paper before I forget. It was nice, seeing as how long it's been a few weeks since I could think about it

  2. I haven't come up with a plan of how to fit in writing, but I have filed my grades for the semester. I also just got tickets for my mother to visit for a week in January, so I really do need to make a plan.

  3. Still grading (through Wednesday of next week) but am doing some plot tweaking in my brain AS I grade, so when I get to the actual clicking of keys part, I'm going to fly.

  4. OK. Accomplished so far:1. staked out cafe to work in.2. staked out yoga class and actually went to one.3. actually got parents to let me out of house post dark.4. told key parent to hold her fire.What's next: gone 2 days socializing.Goal for Monday: will be back and by midnight will have done something work related, anything, if only 25 minutes of something.

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