Since the big guys are taking the day off, I bring you this pre-recorded commentary on the highlights of last night’s stage in the on-going Tour de Chat:

Basement Cat hit a fast pace right out of the starting zone, going straight up the Col de l’Escalier, followed by two laps around the bedrooms, including the Cat Four climbs of the Col du Lit Matrimoniale and Col du Futon. A daring descent of the Col de l’Escalier almost ended in disaster when he took the last corner a little too fast and came frighteningly close to the wall at the foot of the stairs, but he recovered and turned the corner into the last short descent before making up time in a rapid dash across the living room, completely ignoring the feed zone. He kept his cadence high in his ascent of the Hors Catégorie Col de l’Arbre du Chat and detoured onto the Boite de Carton before negotiating the highly technical descent of the Col de l’Arbre du Chat. He kept up the pace through the second climb of the Col de l’Escalier, descending rapidly and gracefully, and collapsed at the finish line in front of the rocking chair.

Unfortunately, the time-keepers were laughing too hard to record what was undoubtedly a personal best for the individual time trial on this course.

The Shakespearean Heroine abandoned after the first climb of the Col de l’Escalier.

The Grammarian says he’ll attempt the time trial when he gets good and ready, although he prefers multiple laps of the Col de l’Arbre du Chat: “The Col de l’Escalier just isn’t my style. I need a steeper course to make an impact.”

Basement Cat said, “I was feeling really strong, really good, my legs were strong and I was on good form, so I just went for it.”

4 thoughts on “Tour de Chat

  1. Oh, thank you for that! My kitties are too old for such races anymore, and you've reminded me how fun they were!

  2. And back to the real thing today! Bardiac, I suppose I'm also rooting for Voeckler, but I really wanted to see Andreas Kloden on the podium and was so bummed when he had to abandon.The Tour de Chat seems to consist mainly of individual time trials, so no lead-out train (unless there are invisible members of the team, which, come to think about it, seems fairly likely!). The visible cats don't work well together.

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