The work report: there was some reading yesterday, but not much else. Errands, yeah, a bunch of those.

Up at 6:30 this morning, and I’ve taken notes on a book for the article in progress, added some more entries to a spreadsheet that has to do with data for that article, edited 104 lines of the translation, and . . . jeez . . . is that all? Renewed books. Ordered another book ILL. Sent some e-mail. Reviewed the present state of outlines for article-in-progress and for conference paper (for the latter, it’s not so much an outline as a series of questions).

Tomorrow I’ll be on campus again, and my plan this time is to do less bureaucratic stuff and make more use of my office’s large monitor and high-speed internet connection. I need to do some searches of archives and staring at digitized MSS, and that’s easier with my official equipment.

I had an idea for an actual interesting post, but when it didn’t get my immediate attention, it wandered off somewhere into the ether. Sorry about that.

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  1. Spreadsheet with data for article. (blinks.)(blinks.)Sometimes I feel like I'm in a different field from…you know, other folks in my field.PS. The line count narrowed but didn't help me positively identify. Can you hint me a source language?

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