Medievalists may already be well-acquainted with these resources, but in case (like me) you weren’t, allow me to point them out. I have spent a fair amount of time combing the online records and catalogs at the National Archives site (, but hadn’t bothered with their teaching resources.

Well, there’s a lot of good stuff there. Under Resources for Students: Study Skills, for example, there’s a list of questions to ask about primary documents. There’s a whole set of lessons about various historical periods, including medieval as well as later periods. There are also tutorials in paleography and Latin.

Now I have to figure out how many courses I can work this material into. It’s no good just putting up links; students never follow them. There have to be assignments with consequences (grades if you do them, loss of points if you don’t). And maybe I’m just doing an “oooh, shiny!” sort of thing. But this is giving me ideas.


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