Over the past couple of weeks, my lists have been growing, both in the sense of adding items and in the sense of having multiple lists in different places: in the calendar, on post-its, jotted on the edge of a hand-out, in hopes that I’d remember at some point that I needed to do this or that. My first task this morning was to consolidate these lists.

The result is very long, which in itself is a bit daunting, even though most of the individual items shouldn’t take very long. (Exceptions: taxes; perhaps revising a syllabus that needs serious intervention.) But, happily, I recalled Dr. Crazy’s 60% rule: when she finishes 60% of the items on a list, she thinks she’s done well.

At least, I think that’s the figure she uses. At any rate, I’m adopting it. Sixty per cent is a D, by many grading schemes (and can I just say that the standard American scheme is pretty funky, in my opinion, and not applicable to many situations—but that’s another post). I think I can manage to pull off a D in list-completion, this week.


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