Hello, I’m back, did you miss me, I missed you, pick me up, put me down, I hate you, let me out, let me in, feed me!

No, wait, that was the cats.

Well, it was me, too. I picked up a computer virus, and my laptop had to spend most of a week at the computer hospital (such a long stay partly because they had to acquire new equipment to connect to my hard drive . . . this starts to sound more obscene than medical, sorry). And in the end they re-installed my operating system, which is to say, NOT the old one I was used to but something newer which ought to be better but which I think sucks. (Put me down, I hate you.)

So at least now I’m back and can check in from my own personal laptop instead of guiltily taking a quick look at blogs from my work computer many miles away (let me in, feed me!), but nothing looks quite right (let me out!).

It will get better. I’ll reinstall some stuff, download other stuff, tinker with settings, and it will all be fine. The good news is that I got my Wednesday syllabus and documents for annual review done two whole days before they had to be done, last week, because I just stayed in my actual work office until I finished them so I wouldn’t have to do the drive again. But I still have a ton of stuff to do for my other class, and writing things to work on, and so on. I wish I were a cat. Is it naptime yet? Can I just ignore everyone who isn’t bearing food? I definitely feel like biting someone.

One thought on “Back online

  1. Good luck in getting all of your materials ready for the other class. Sorry about the virus and all the attendant troubles. There are times I still miss my old DOS prompts, I must say!

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