Happy 2011, everybody. Regular blogging will recommence shortly. I have been a slug for the last 10 days, and it was great. But now it’s time to roll out all my new calendars and start making lists, keeping track of time, and, of course, taking names and kicking ass.

How I did on last year’s wish list:

Cat sitter: ha ha ha. The situation is even worse, since we now have two cats on chemo. (But the good news is that the Scot is responding very well to treatment.)

Integration of Basement Cat: improved, but he’s still too aggressive with the tiny cat.

Injuries: rotator cuff problem starting in August, much improved recently.

Healing of ankle injury: much improved; am doing some gentle jogging.

Swimming: there were a couple of weeks in which I got up to 3 miles, but every time, illness, injury, or travel promptly interfered with keeping it up. After the shoulder injury, I was out of the pool for months. In the past week, I’ve swum a few times, a quarter mile or so each time. I’m looking at another long slow recovery, I think.

Bicycling: haven’t tried.

Yoga every day: mostly. Sitting every day: there were a couple of weeks when I did, but mostly I have not sat at all.

Steady research habits: some very productive spurts, but I am still not very good at really keeping at it every day, especially in the thick of term time. And missing a few days makes it much harder to get going again.

Finishing things: some progress here. I finished one writing project, moved some others forward by focusing on one at a time (though I ran into the old problem with deadlines forcing a change of focus, it’s still clear that one-at-a-time is a good principle), finished a crochet project, and got some home repairs and refurbishing taken care of.

I got a book review through page proofs, and got an essay accepted, though it won’t be out for another six months or so.

I did not get to France. I did visit California, which was fabulous. And England, and Ireland. Not only that, but I avoided delays and cancellations due to volcanic activity, weather, and similar hassles, which this week seems rather miraculous (why I try not to fly in the winter).

No new friends; but lately we’ve seen a bit more of some old ones; and I have found someone else to exchange work with. Actually, she found me. I’m looking forward to reading her work and getting something ready to show her.

Garden re-do: in progress. A lot of stuff moved out last spring, but I didn’t do much to rearrange or add to the remaining plants. I had one tomato plant, which produced like crazy, but since then I have been advised that it might be healthier not to eat vegetables grown in this area. I think this may be over-cautious (especially given all the topsoil I’ve worked into my garden), but I don’t mind following the advice, either. So, more flowers, and I’ll relinquish my intermittent vegetable garden nostalgia.

I think I saved more. And I also had some fun.

I’ll be thinking about my wishes for this year. May all of yours come true!